Roman Holiday Locations…The Method

These pages make no attempt to explain the movie. They assume a fairly intimate knowledge of it. For better or worse.

Yes, I realize these pictures are copyrighted stuff. As there is no commercial intent here, and I sincerely hope anyone viewing these pages will be encouraged to get a copy of this movie by legal means, perhaps no one will mind my posting these pictures for purposes of review and homage.


How this works

The pictures are numbered according to this scheme...00-00-0.

The first number represents a list of general themes. You'll see their titles at the top of each page. Within each theme, there are locations, the second number. (Because each theme's locations begin numbering at "01," each location is technically identified by its theme and location number: 00-00.)

Locations might have multiple pictures, hence the final number. And of course, some locations repeat. I've made no effort to cross reference the numbering scheme. I'm trying to keep the numbering consistent with the movie's chronology.

Some pictures have been included just for fun. They are marked with (a) for Princess Ann, (j) for Joe or (i) for Irving.

Some pictures are marked (x). These are ones I feel are probably cut in from another physical location not really present at or near the "location" being shown.

Last, some pages have pictures whose numbering skips. I've eliminated some few screen grabs which seemed redundant when I'd gotten a page built. Rather than go back and renumber, I left a few blanks in the sequence.

Every location shot that needs identification has a Form Reply text box under its Picture Number and name. If you know anything about the location, enter information in the Form Reply text box. Fill out as many as you can per page. Then send the information to me by clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

You don't need to enter any identification or the Picture Number in the Form Reply text box. That's all set up so that the post to me will automatically identify each Form Reply text box.

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