Cast originally collated from several web sites, most of which provide no documentation of source. Only Turner Classic Movies does, claiming "Powered by AFI."

Summer 2008

Updated according to pages from the American Film Institute's AFI Catalog, a database of film information. Players identified in those pages are listed in bolder type. Looks like most sites are cribbing the AFI list.

Autumn 2008

Updated according to Daily Operations Reports that I have, and a review of the soundtrack after reading Script-O-Rama's screenplay. Some of the character names found in the AFI Catalog are incorrect. Some of the guests at the ball's character names do not match the soundtrack. Some of the players characters semm to have been identified according to incorrect information in the Reports. I am doing my best to correct any seeming errors.


Character's Name

Character's part if unnamed, Notes

Audrey Hepburn

Princess Anne

Gregory Peck

Joe Bradley

Eddie Albert

Irving Radovich

All the following to the end of the list are intended to be in order of appearance.

John Horne

Master of Ceremonies


Margaret Rawlings (Name appears in movie credits)

Countess Vereberg

Principal lady-in-waiting

Tullio Carminatti (Name appears in movie credits)

General Provno

(The fainter)

Harcourt Williams (Name appears in movie credits)


The following seven probably appear in the ballroom entry scene. I can't be sure, not knowing their faces.

(Count) Andre[a] Eszterhazy

Embassy Aide

Princess Alma Cattaneo


Ugo De Pascale

Embassy staffer

Diane Lante

Lady in waiting

Col. Ugo Ballerini

Embassy staffer

Bruno Baschiera

Embassy staffer

Desiderio Nobile

Embassy staffer

The following are the announced guests at the ball.

Giacomo Penza

His Excellency the Papal Nuncio, Monsignor Altomonte

Eric Oulton

Sir Hugo Macy de Farmington

Soundtrack: "Mah-see." I say "Marcy."

Rabindranath Mitter

His Highness The Maharajah of Khanipur

Princess Lilamani

The Rajkumari of Khanipur

A rajkumari is a daughter of a maharajah. This "couple" is therefore a father and daughter.


Freiherrer Erica Messingfurner Valiensburg (?)

I give only the most crude phonetic spelling. Out of my depth here. No source identifies this Character.

Cesare Vieri

Prince Istvan Barossy Nagyavaros

Teresa Gautier

Ihre Hoheit der Furst und die Furstin von und zu Luchtenstichenholz

Good lord. I think this translates as, "Your (or Their) Highness, the Prince and Princess of Luchtenstichenholz."

Col. Nicola Konopieff

(Ihre Hoheit der Furst und die Furstin von und zu Luchtenstichenholz)

(See above)

Hari Singh

Sir Hari Singh

Kmark Singh

Kmark Singh

Karak? Kara? This is a female character, I think more likely "Kara" which is a Hindi word and name.

Helen Fondra

Countess Von Marstrand

Luigi Locchi

Count Von Marstrand

Mario Luciani

Senhor Joaquin de Capoes

Soundtrack: "Can-osh (?)"

Gherda Fehrer

Senhora Joaquin de Capoes

Luis Marino

Hassan El Din Pasha

(End of announced guests)

Armando Annuale

Admiral dancing with princess.

Luigi Moneta

Old man dancing with princess.

Marco Tulli

Pallid young man dancing with princess.

Heinz Heindrich

Dr. Bonnachoven


Man snoozing in chair. Could be one of the "aides" or "staffers."

Maurizio Arena

AFI: "Young boy with motorcar." I assume the delivery van driver.

? and ?

Couple on Vespa following the escape van. Truly unknown.

? and ?

Couple stepping in front of the escape van. Truly unknown.

?, ? and ?

Couple in horsedrawn carriage. Carriage driver. Truly unknown.

There are six men playing poker with Joe and Irving. Here are the Players' names, but with no way to know who is whom.

John Fostini

AFI: Correspondent at poker game

George Higgins


Alfred Brown


John Cortay


Richard McNamara


Sidney Gordon


Alfredo Rizzo (Name appears in movie credits)

Cab driver

Richard Neuhaus

Embassy guard reporting

Hartley Power (Name appears in movie credits)

Mr. Hennessey

Joe's boss

Laura Solari (Name appears in movie credits)

Mr. Hennessy's secretary

Claudio Ermelli (Name appears in movie credits)


Joe's landlord

Alcide Ticò

AFI: "Sculptor." Joe uses the telephone in his studio.

Tania Weber

AFI: "Irving's model." I assume in his studio/apartment for the Fishing shoot.

Other sources credit Weber as "Francesca," the lady who meets Irving in Rocca's. That is incorrect. See Gianna Segale, below.

Paola Borboni (Name appears in movie credits)



Fish vendor, shows Ann the eel. Truly unknown.


Fruit vendor, speaks to Ann, sells Joe a melon. Truly unknown.

Gorella Gori (Name appears in movie credits)

AFI: "Shoe Seller." Leather goods vendor who sells Ann sandals.

Paolo Carlini (Name appears in movie credits)

Mario Delani


Armando Ambrogi

Man at the telephone

Judy Wyler (Director's daughter)

First schoolgirl, with camera

Catherine Wyler (Director's daughter)

Second schoolgirl, who calls the teacher

Patricia Varner



Gelato vendor. Truly unknown.


Gelato purchasing monseigneur. Truly unknown.

Gildo Bocci

Flower seller

Giustino Olivieri

AFI: "Waiter at cafe." G. Rocca's, confirmed in Reports.

Dianora Veiga

AFI: "Girl at cafe waving at Irving."

Dominique Rika


Gianna Segale


ditto. Incorrect.

? and ?

Two monks helping Irving back to his feet. Truly unknown.

    Note that two ladies walk by and speak to Irving. Then Joe knocks him over. The monks offer help. Then "Francesca" arrives. AFI lists three "Girl[s] at cafe waving at Irving." That is incorrect. See 07-06-7.


Guide at the Colosseum. Truly unknown.

Mimmo Poli

AFI: "Workman hugging the three outside police station."
I place this here, as I'm pretty sure the "workman" whose trestle is knocked down during the Vespa Chase is the same Player.

   There are many bit Players of interest during the Vespa Chase: an artist with a street stand, caffe patrons, police on motorcycles and in a Jeep. Many of the citizens later appear as witnesses or complainants in the police station. Truly unknown.

Carlo Rizzo

AFI: "Police official." I assume seated in the police station.


Carriage driver at the Wall of Wishes. Truly unknown.

Octave Senoret

AFI: "Faceless man on the barge." Incorrect.

Pietro Pastore

ditto. Incorrect.

Giuliano Raffaelli

ditto. Incorrect?

   AFI is confused. The DoR for Monday, August 18 lists "P. Pastore" and "Senoret" as cast members, along with P. Carlini. Raffaelli is not listed in any DoRs I have. Under Extras (along with a whole crowd of others), DoR Monday, August 18 lists "6 Faceless Men." Perhaps dancers?
    I'm betting Pastore and Senoret were undercover police from Ann's homeland.

Disiderio Nobile

Embassy official at press conference

Edward Hitchcock

Chief of Correspondents, of Chicago Daily News

Hank Werba

Speaking correspondent

Adam Jennette


Jan Dijkgraaf


The following were real press correspondents, playing themselves in the movie. some introduce themselves by full name, some by last name only.

Piero Scanziani


of La Suisse

Kurt Klinger


of Deutsche Presse Agentur

Maurice Montabré


of Le Figaro

Sytske Galema


of De Linie, Amsterdam

Jacques Ferrier


of Ici Paris

Otto Gross


of Davar, Tel Aviv

Julian Cortes Cavanillas


of ABC, Madrid

Friedrich Lampe


of New York Herald Tribune

(Eddie Arnold)


of "CR Photo Service"

(Gregory Peck)


of "American News Service"

Julio Moriones


of La Vanguardia

Stephen House


of The London Exchange Telegraph

Ferdinanda De Aldisio


of Agence Press

    The following uncredited "Bit players" are listed on various web sites. They appear here in alphaberical order. They might be Characters marked with a question mark, above.


Report for Tuesday, 12 August (INT. POLICE STATION) lists this cast member. No other information available.

S. Bagolini

AFI: end of list, no assignment.

G. Cabulska

Report for Saturday, 6 Sept. (INT. PRINCESS' BEDROOM) lists this cast member. No other information available.

B. Cantarlamesso

Report for Saturday, 6 Sept. (EXT./INT. BUS, INT. BAR) lists this cast member. No other information available.

F. Corsaro

AFI: end of list, no assignment.

Vittoria Crispo

Internet Movie Database(
"Roman Holiday (1953) (uncredited) .... Bit Part"

P. Gary

AFI: end of list, no assignment.

G. Kabulska

AFI: end of list, no assignment. See "Cabulska" above.

A. Trilli

AFI: end of list, no assignment.

H. Tubbs

AFI: end of list, no assignment.

J. Van Hulsen

AFI: end of list, no assignment.

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