Bucky’s Second Place

    Bucky went to Providence to visit his friend Roger Farren. The occasion was that, after years of it’s haven’t being held, Roger was hosting a Spelling Bee. Bucky had attended one or two way back when he lived in Providence and often saw the Farrens. In the intervenig years, Bucky’s friend Tony Affigne became the reigning champion of the spelling bees.

Stayed overnight at Mom & Dad's.

Friday Feb 6, 2003

Bad weather in morning. Slept upstairs: they said it would be too cold, it was fine. Mom called me at five o'clock. Left early, drove to parking lot, didn't want Dad driving in sleet/rain. Weather fine by takeoff. Had to remove Frye boots to go through security.
(Loie’s Mom and Dad live about four miles from BWI Airport. It had become traditional for the Lovebunnies to leave their car at Mom and Dad’s house, and be taken to the airport by Dad. Bucky had to leave the house by about eight o’clock. Why Mom insisted on waking him up several hours early is a mystery.)

Caserta's takeout at home, Fire fighter's Hall with Roger’s new friend Maureen. Many pitchers of cheap beer.
    (Caserta’s pizza from Providence’s Little Italy on Federal Hill has been a hands-down favorite since the early seventies. Several times when Roger has come to visit, he has brought it with him, always remarking on how many people joke that he has to leave it with them. So of course one meal of the visit had to be Caserta’s.)

Saturday: Errand for duck corn and doughnuts; Molly's house with Diane.
    (Roger’s house is on a small river. He likes to feed the wild ducks and geese in the winter time.)

Party: clean up and prep: fireplace on deck, etc.; Bill, Tony and Bucky all missed idiosyncrasy (said "cy"), Bill and Bucky missed leprechaun: Bill messed it all up, Bucky said "leprachaun", Tony got it.
    (Bucky was awarded second place in the spelling bee. He was happy to have done well, and happy that his good friend Tony remained, after all the years, reigning champion.)

Sunday: brunch at ribs joint; airport to return home.