Letter the First (1992 for

 Our story so far. . .
  After years of fun and good times, Dolores finally heard Bucky say, "Well, since my sister Amy is really going to get married after all, I guess maybe we should get married too."
   Dolores said yes. Months of intense preparation passed, and at last the long-awaited day dawned. On May the nineteenth, 1991, family and friends gathered at the stately old Strong Mansion on beautiful Sugarloaf Mountain. Despite the morning rain, the happy couple and their guests saw the radiant light of true and beautiful words as their friends read aloud stories of the marriages of the Goddess and the God.
   Then the sun broke through, and everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch and a good time on the lawn.
   The very next day Dolores and Bucky left on their honeymoon. They traveled to California and Arizona, where they saw seals and birds, flowers and mountains, ancient ruins and modern hottubs. Bucky's sister Amy lead them on a hike along the shore of magnificent Lake Tahoe. Their friends Kinley and Paul took them on a leisurely driving tour of the Russian River wineries. In the White Mountains of California, looking out at the panorama of the Sierra Nevada mountains, they venerated the ancient Bristlecone Pines, the world's oldest living creatures. In Arizona, the honeymoon couple visited several ancient Indian ruins. They saw an extinct volcano, and were awed by the splendour of the Grand Canyon. On Second Mesa in the Hopi Indian Reservation, they found a magical CornWolf kachina doll to bring home to Baltimore.
   CornWolf brought them good luck. In August, Dolores and Bucky got a chance to buy a wonderful home in the country. After long and arduous negotiations, they finally did. And Dolores' dog Poco at last has a real yard to roam in: about two or three acres of it; she's not allowed in the Six Acre Wood without her humans.
   Which brings our story to today. It's the middle of March, and when we started writing this letter back in November or sometime, we were talking about the wood stove holding off the winter chill and looking forward to the spring. Tonight the peepers are peeping down by the stream so we can no longer say we're waiting for spring and you to arrive at our First Official Wedding anniversary and House Warming Party. . .

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