Letter the Eleventh (2002 for

January, 2002

If you have been following the Lovebunnies' story, here's the next installment. If you are new to the saga, read on and you'll see what it's all about…

    "That was the best anniversary party ever," said Loie. "I loved the music."
    "Oh, man," said Bucky. "They were great. Diedra did a perfect job. Mark was a good friend to get that all organised.
    "And they tried to get me to sing into a microphone, too. Ha. I don't need a microphone."
    The Lovebunnies were picking up after their Tenth Anniversary Party. It had been a huge success, with three bands playing until late at night.
    "I hope we can get some of those folks back again next year," said Loie.

    The Lovebunnies' year of 2001 had started off with a very good omen. The weather was fine for their annual New Year's Day Christmas Tree Planting Party. All of Loie and Bucky's friends and relations were there, and a big crowd gathered in the Christmas Tree Windbreak for the planting. After Bucky had served his famous eggnog, he stepped out on the deck for a breath of new air. He was greeted by a rare sight! In the birch tree was a flock of seven male bluebirds.
    "Come look at this," Bucky called back in the door. Brother Peter and Alyssa were among the guests who marveled at seeing so many bluebirds so early in the year. Later, they took pictures of the beautiful birds.
    On the twentieth of January, Loie and Bucky had a big adventure. They went to a Sing at Paul Peeling's house. Late in the evening, snow began to fall, and quickly became heavy weather, almost a blizzard. As is usual for them, the Lovebunnies were the among the last guests.
    "This is a lot of snow," said Loie. "Are we going to be able to drive home?"
    "Sure," said Bucky. "We'll be fine." But when they were bundled up for the drive home, they found that Loie's poor car was stuck fast. No amount of work could get them out on the road!
    "You know," said Loie, as they trudged back into Paul's house, "Even if we could have gotten out, I don't think we would have made it home. And we'd never make it up the lane, and if we're going to have to walk in, I'd rather do it in the day than late at night." Paul said of course they could sleep over, and Laura said she was glad they weren't going to try to drive home in the snow.
    Laura said, "Paul wants to go sledding! Does anybody else want to come?" Loie and Bucky joined in. They had an exhilarating hour forging sledding runs on inner tubes, toboggans and platters through the deep, fresh snow.
    "Now I'm nice and warm," said Bucky as he and Loie got ready for bed in Paul's snug little guest room. "Shoveling and pushing and sledding got my blood going."
    "Well quick! Get under the covers," said Loie. "I'm cold."
    Bright sun greeted the morning, and the Lovebunnies finally managed to wrestle the car out onto the road to drive home. They did have to walk in from lake Drive, but later that day Jim Krumrine came over and plowed the lane. He got most of the snow scraped up, but enough was left that Loie walked in and out for a few days.
    The sun by day and cold by night made a beautiful winter garden grow in the lane. On Monday, as Bucky walked out with Loie, he said, "Wait, look at this." He pointed down to where big frost flowers had blossomed. All up and down the top part of the Inner Slope were crystals of ice, thinner than paper, inches across. Squares, hexagons and blades stood glinting on their pointed corners in the early morning sun: dozens and dozens of frost flowers.
    That weekend Loie and Bucky went to Baltimore to join Father and Friedrun at the Walters Art Museum for lunch and a visit to the Manet show. They all agreed that the show was interesting, though as they had come to expect, none of the most famous works were there. Loie liked one small still life so much she bought a reproduction.

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