Driving the Stone Age

Being a Life List of all the prehistoric sites visited by The Lovebunnies. Some trips also included visits to places not prehistoric: refer to Travel Books for full itineraries. These trips began to be called “Driving the Stone Age” when we went to Scotland in 1999, specifically to see Neolithic megalithic monuments. But in making this List, I realized we began driving the stone age on our honeymoon. We just didn’t think to call it that. So I’ve included all our prehistoric sites, and used the DtSA title for the List.

This List is dedicated to Loie, who had the idea.


Prelude I: Honeymoon

Four Corners, Spring 1991

Flagstaff, Arizona

Newspaper Rock, Petrified Forest AZ (Anasazi[?] petroglyphs)

Puerco Indian Ruin; Wokiki, Wapatki Ruins (with Ampitheatre and Ball Court); Lomoki Ruins (“Beautiful House”) (All Anasazi)

Grand Canyon

Tusayan Ruin (Anasazi)

[Hopi Indian reservation]


Prelude II: Winter Escape

Hawaii, Spring 1994

Big Island of Hawaii

Mo’okini Heiau (northern point), Puakõ Petroglyph Archaeological Preserve (north of the Mauna Lani Resort); unknown heiau of great size, Pu`uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park (Place of Refuge); Pu’u Loa Petroglyphs (Chain of Craters Road in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park)


Prelude III: Driving Yo

Four Corners, Fall 1997

Farmington, New Mexico

Aztec Ruins; Chaco Canyon pueblos and petroglyphs; Hovenweep Canyon houses, Mesa Verde: Balcony House; Petroglyph Point; El Morro National Park petroglyphs (All Anasazi)

[Zuni Indian reservation]


Driving the Stone Age I: Highlands & Islands

Scotland; Spring 1999

From Drumnadrochit

Corrimini Cairn, Clava Cairns, unexcavated cairn, Learable Hill stones

Harris & Lewis

McLeod Stone, circle near Callanish (probably Ceann Hulavig), Callanish I, II, III


Ring of Brogar, Scara Brae, Stones of Stenness, Barnhouse, Maes Howe, Unstan Tomb, Isbister

Coast east of Inverness: Forres

Temple Stones


East Auquorthies, stones near Castle Fraser (seen from the road), Sunhoney, Cullerlie, (Archeolink Park), Loanhead of Daviot, nameless ruined circle of Earlsfield Farm, Medmar Kirk


National Museum in Edinburgh, Goatstones

[Hadrian’s Wall]


Interlude I: Tuscan Paradise

Tuscany, Spring 2000


Etruscan artifacts: Volterra Gates, museum: Shadow of Night, funerary caskets


DtSA II: Southern Stones

Languedoc & Paris; Spring 2002

Around Peret

Dolmen of Prieuré Saint-Michel de Grandmont

Near Tarascon d’Ariege

Cave of Niaux

With Elizabeth.

Near St. Martin de Londres

Cambous Neolithic Village; Le Dolmen de Ferriers, (site of Dolmen du Capuchin, from the road), La Grand Menhir de Jouilles, Dolmen de Lamalou

Near and in Fraisse sur Agout

Three statue menhirs: two in situ in the countryside, one embedded in wall in town square


Interlude II: Vagabonds in Paris

Paris, Spring 2004

St. Germaine en Laye

National Museum of Archaeology (Musée d'Archéologie Nationale de Saint-Germain-En-Laye)


DtSA III: Friends & Stones

Wiltshire & Brittany, Fall 2004

Wiltshire, England

Stonehenge Sunrise Private Visit, Woodhenge, Durrington Walls, Cursus, barrows

With Mary & Ed

Sanctuary, Ridgeway, Avebury, Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow & Baby Sil

With Mary & Ed and the Stone Pagers: Nigel, Jimit and Pete G.

Carnac and environs

Alignments, Kermario, Kercado Tumulus, Prehistory Museum;

Mane-Kerioned, Le Moulin de St. Pierre Quiberon;

Grand Menhir Brisé, Table des Marchand, Er Grah Tumulus;

Er Lannic, Gavrinis, Kernous;

two Christianized menhirs in Locoal Mendon (unknown, Men-ar-Menah), Kerzerho with Les Geants, Crucuno Rectangle and Crucuno passage grave, Mane Groh

All with Dana & Mike on various days.

Pink Granite Coast

Men ar Rompet; Prajou menhir, St. Druze menhir, Kerguntuil dolmen & allé-couverte

All with Mary & Ed on various days.

Saint Samson: chapel, menhir & spring, Crech-Quillé allé-couverte

Sept Saintes chapel with dolmen crypt

Dol de Bretagne

Menhir des Champs


Interlude III: Tahoe Lights

Lake Tahoe, Summer 2005

Fallon, Nevada

Grimes Point petroglyphs


DtSA IV: Another Island

Amalfi Coast, Sardinia & Rome Fall 2005

All the following in Sardinia


Il Fungo (Monti Incappiddatu), Tomba di Gigante Li Lolghi, Li Muri, Coddu Vecchiu


Di Tamuli (multiple tombs, betyl menhirs, nuraghe and “settlement”)


Lassia, Dolmen Sarbogadas


Santu Bainzu (San Gavino) Tomba di Giganti


Santa Cristina Settlement: village walls, temple well, nuraghe

San Vero Milis

Nuraghe Su Uraki




Pranu Mattedhu: domus de janus, menhir alignments, dolmens, stone ring

Orune (Nuoro)

Su Tempiesu Pozzo Sacro (Holy Well)


Angelu Ruju Necropolis


DtSA V: Toti's Tour

Puglia & Rome, Fall 2006

Menhirs and dolmens of Ostuni and Giurdignano; conducted by Toti Calo, with Mary & Ed:


Dolmen di Montalbano

Bagnolo del Salento

Croce di Bagnolo, Croce di Cursi

Between Minervo di Lecce and Uggiano

Dolmen Li Scusi


Menhir San Magensio (?) and several unnamed or unknown menhirs in town, probably moved (no pictures); Menhir Sao Paolo; Dolmen (or Masseria) Quattromacine


DtSA VI: The World Megameet

Wiltshire; Spring 2007

Stonehenge Sunset Private Visit; Avebury: Megameet & Silbury Hill (with the Modern Antiquarians); driving by various barrows in the neighborhood; Merlin’s Mount in Marlborough; Uffington White Horse, walk the Ridgeway to Wayland’s Smithy


DtSA VII: Above & Below

The Lot & Paris, Fall 2007


Circuite des dolmens: La Bertrandoune dolmen and one unnamed, menhirs, Temple of the Sun

Conducted by Mike, with Elizabeth.


Perch Merle cave

With Elizabeth.

Gourdon and Les Eyzies

Grotte de Cougnac; Abri Cromagnon


Lascaux II


Interlude IV: Home to Rome

Rome, Fall 2008


DtSA VIII: Home to The Lot

The Lot, Dordogne & Paris, Spring 2009

All locations visited with Mary & Ed. Most of them in the rain.


Lascaux II

Les Eyzies

Font de Gaume; Abri Cap Blanc; Abri Cro Magnon


Modern menhirs!

?? 2009-04-15

rainy dolmen


Circuite des dolmens: La Bertrandoune dolmen and one unnamed, menhirs, Temple of the Sun

Conducted by Mike.


Interlude V: Alyssa Travels

Rome, Fall 2009


Interlude VI: NO outsiders

New Orleans, Spring 2010


DtSA IX: Home to The Megameet

Avebury & Wiltshire; Summer 2010


Picnic by the stones; walk the Greenway and Ridgeway to the Polisher Stone; sarsen drifts; Megameet. Windmill Hill with crop circle.


Marden Henge (maybe, sort of)


Silbury Hill and spring; Megameet; Beckhapmton Avenue with Adam and Eve Stones with Gordon and Scubi

Stoney Littleton

Long Barrow with Jamie

Stanton Drew

Henge complex and Cove, with Jamie


DtSA X: The Oldest Stones

Anatolia & Istanbul; Spring 2011


Gobekli Tepe; Şanliurfa Archaeological Museum

Sogmatar (not prehistoric, but fun)


Old Anatolian Civilization Museum, Aşıklı Höyük


Çatal Höyük, Konya Archaelogical Museu


Interlude VI: Shore to Falls

Southern Shores, Saphire; North Carolina; Fall 2011


DtSA XI: The Megameet Blues

Wiltshite, Wales & The Lot; Summer 2012

East Kennet

East Kennet Long Barrow


Stonehenge Walk: views of Avon river, location of Wilsford Group tumuli; Normantown Downs barrows, Stonehenge Long Barrow, Stonehenge, Avenue, New and Old King Barrows.


Ashes sprinkled at Adam Stone, flowers placed at Eve Stone. Ashes buried at Goddess Tree.

Picnic at Swindon Stone.

With TMA.

Pembrokeshire, Wales

All conducted by Thelma and Paul.

Gors Fawr. Pentre Ifan. Carreg Coetan cromlech. Carreg Samson cromlech. Failed attempt at Carn Menyn Spring Hunting.

Lot Valley

Rouffignac Cave.

Célé River valley

Three small dolmens whose names are lost due to laxity in record keeping.