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Floppy Man, 1999
"Humble beginnings."


2-3 months prior to the 1999 Oktoberfest we had a big bonfire/campfire during a summer gathering. Upon observing the high-spiking flames threatening the pine boughs, Kathy said we had outgrown the pine grove and that the bonfire needed to move to an open area of the yard for the next Oktoberfest. I said jokingly "If we have to move it out to the yard, maybe we should do a Burning Man!"

Loie said, "I think that's a great idea."

Nothing more was said about it until Bucky and Loie arrived at the Oktoberfest and Loie said "So where's the Burningman?" I looked at Bucky and said "Well, I guess we had better get started making one."

So, because of her comment, it always stuck in my mind that Loie was responsible for starting our Burning Man tradition.

—Mark Peeling (2012)