GUTCHA is the acronym for the Grand Unified Theory of Conspiracy and Human Achievement.
    There's a machine on the Earth that enlightens people: gives them insight into how things really work. I don't know where this machine has come from. Perhaps a future civilisation, perhaps another planet. It has been on Earth since, or before, human beings.
    The machine can influence human thought, by rearranging the neural connections in one's brain. How it does this I don't know. But this ability allows it to appear as any physical object it thinks makes sense to the beholder. Therefore the pillars, cups, pearls, jewels, plaques, tablets, etc, that both confer and symbolise wisdom.
    This also allows it to "call" from a great distance the people it chooses to enlighten. Hence quests for the object.
    Finally, the ability to affect brain structure is how it confers enlightenment.
    The new neural connections forged by this machine are not inheritable. The machine does not affect DNA. Therefore, the "wisdom" it confers accrues only to the individual it affects. So, although those enlightened by the machine may attempt to pass on their new wisdom, the effort is essentially doomed to failure, because those to whom the enlightened speak don't have the same types of "enhancements" as do their teacher.
    Of course when told that a jewel or pillar or whathaveyou confers knowledge, people want to possess it, thinking it will do the same for them. Perhaps. Or perhaps the machine has its own plans. The search for and desire to possess this machine (thought of in its guise of precious object of power) is the ultimate motivation for all conspiracies, and the machine's machinations are the basis of all human progress.
    Hence, GUTCHA.
    Thanks for your support.